CSV Importer in MySQL

Furqan Aziz | 06 Sep 2013 | Tutorials

CSV Importer in MySQL
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CSV importer is a PHP file which can help you to import all your data in MySQL Database using CSV File. Source File csv_importer.php is also available with this tutorial.
  1. Open your Dreamweaver or Notepad editor and create new PHP Page and name it import.php
  2. Now include csv_importer.php file in your page like below.
    • include ( "csv_importer.php" );
  3. For Connecting MySQL Database please write following line
    • $conn = @mysql_connect("localhost","root","password");
  4. Now choose your database like below
    • @mysql_select_db("yourdbname",$conn);
  5. Now write below lines . you just need to provide your table name where you want to import data. leave all other lines as it is.
    • create new importer object for importing data
      $c = new CSV_Importer;
      display log errors at end           
      $c->log_errors = true;
      skip the very first row in CSV file         
      $c->skip_top   = true;
      Type of Server (default MYSQL), you can also use this  MSSQL and PGSQL          
      $c->server     = MYSQL; 
      Database Table where File will be imported         
      $c->table      = "yourtablename";
  6. Now you have to set columns of table according to your CSV file Template
    • $c->SetColumnSequence("Field1,Field2,Field3,Field4,Field5");
  7. Here you will write csv file reference from which your data will be imported to Table
    • $result = $c->import("Your_CSV_Name.csv",$conn);
  8. Now include csv_importer.php file in your page like below.
    • if($result === FALSE)
      there was some error importing data
      Your data imported successfully, it will print number of rows inserted.
      print "Total records inserted are $result in table $c->table";
  9. in the end you will close MySQL Connection
    • @mysql_close();
Above tutorial is based on scriptbaba 2009 scripts. Now that website is not working so I write this tutorial for you. For more information please post a comment on Crewow Blog
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