Cross Platform App In Phonegap | Setup The Environment

Rehana Kanwal | 23 Aug 2015 | Tutorials

Cross Platform App In Phonegap | Setup The Environment


Hi, today we are going to learn the easiest way to create a cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone using an instantly available, hyper productive PhoneGap/Cordova development environment. But first you need to setup the environment for this development. Let’s start. We are going to use the Telerik platform for this development. Our objective is

Go to

Write icenium in the search bar. (Please note that icenium is the Telerik framework for this development.) and Click the very first link in Google search result

Google for you

Telerik Platform

Click on the “Telerik Platform” option on the right top corner of the page

Telerik Platform

You will be redirected to the “Telerik Platform Client Login” page.

Telerik Platform

Here you can login with google, facebook, MSN and Yahoo Ids. Login with the desired account.

Telerik Workspace

Telerik will create a workspace for you on its cloud with a sample project will also be created for your reference.

Telerik Workspace

Tools Required

We used following tools and technologies for developing this Cross Platform App In Phonegap | Setup The Environment Tutorial.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy and share with friends.


We hope you will like Cross Platform App In Phonegap | Setup The Environment Tutorial and find it easy. This is very basic tutorial for just setup the environment to start cross platofrom app for android, apple and windows. next time we will create a simple app four you. For any query/suggestions please send message on our Facebook Page.

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