PHP Mail Form Tutorial

Furqan Aziz | 24 Aug 2013 | Tutorials

PHP Mail Form Tutorial
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PHP mail form Tutorial will show you how to make a feedback form on your website. you just need to make a form and use PHP Mail Function. This Tutorial is based on W3 Schools Tutorial. This tutorial will show how to send email when form is filled and how to show from when its empty. We will use isset() Function which Determine if a variable is set and is not NULL. Below are the steps for making the PHP Mail form.
  1. Create contact.php page for this tutorial.
  2. Write Below Code in contact.php because Below code will check if the email address is filled or not. if its filled then it will get data from form and Send Email. otherwise it will move to step 3 and else condition will execute. please see step 3.
  3. After if condition put below code , if email address is not filled below code will show the form for Suggestion.
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